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Surtech 650 MP026 is the new replacement coating method, for the Alocrom, Chromate Conversion Coatings. 

Surtech 650 MP026 is a concentrated liquid trivalent chromium based chemical, that when diluted with cold water will form an iridescent blue to tan protective chromate coating.

The benefits are it contains no hexavalent chromium and therefore meets all RoHS test criteria (IEC1 11/24/CD). It has excellent corrosion protection by its self, and excellent paint or powder adhesion, which allows metal deformation after painting. Can also be used to repair anodised coatings.

Surface Properties of  Surtech Coatings

The thickness of Surtech 650 can vary from  50 - 500mg/m2 on clean oxide free aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces. The process is normally used as a cold dipping process however can be sprayed or wiped onto the surface with special applicators.



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