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Coloured anodising provides eye-catching alternatives which provide attractive finishes for decorative items whilst, at the same time, giving the same corrosion protection as Decorative Sulphuric Anodising.

Colouring Components by Anodising

Colours are achieved by dyeing the components after anodising and before the sealing process and utilises specially formulated dyes. Dyed components are ideal for internal display items and also colours are commonly used on external components. Whilst wrought alloys, with the exception of 2000 series alloys, will produce satisfactory results when Colour Anodised, the range of suitable cast alloys is very restricted - contact us for advice

Application of Coloured Anodising

Common applications for Coloured Anodised aluminium are items and components for Medical and Colour Coding applications. Certain colours on offer possess better light-fastness properties - contact us for advice.

Colours Achievable by Anodising and Finishing Options

The finishing options are further extended by the use of different polishing and surface finish techniques to provide effects from a high polished finish to matt, satin and textured surfaces. Colours that we offer are:
Grey Black Red Blue Gold Purple Green Orange

Hard Anodised components can be dyed but because of the darker anodising film produced on certain alloys, only black and very dark colours are likely to be satisfactory. Please contact us for further advice, either by telephone in office hours, or fill out our e-form by clicking the contact button below.



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